Revenue to Realize Your Vision.

At Prime RCM, we help you streamline your revenue cycle so you’re free to invest in your organization and its goals.

We use technology and expertise to yield the revenue to realize your vision.

Prime RCM solutions has been providing exceptional medical billing and coding services to specialty physician practices and ambulatory surgical centers.


Leaders at Prime RCM are over 18 years experianced in end to end RCM services with a mission of customer success, customer satisfaction – Putting customers first and delivering values to them.

End-to-end Revenue Cycle Management Services

Medical billing, coding and accounts receivable management services

As administrative burdens and financial pressures continue to rise, physician groups need a trusted revenue cycle partner to guide them through the rapidly changing healthcare landscape.   

Front end revenue cycle

Patient Scheduling and Appointment Management: Our front end team helps you manage patient appointments, ensuring timely scheduling and reducing no-shows.

Mid revenue cycle services

Charge Entry & Charge Audit: We manage charge entry and audit processes, ensuring accurate billing and timely claims submission.

Back-end revenue cycle services

Remittance Processing: We process remittance advice and EOBs, ensuring timely and accurate payment posting.

Software helping companies


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